Frequently asked questions 

Q.) Can I come visit your dogs and puppies?

A.) No, for the safety of our family and our dogs, and since we raise our dogs in our home, we are no longer allowing anyone to visit our home. No exceptions! We did allow this at one time but breeders homes have been broken into and puppies stolen, along with the home owners being beat up or worse. This is one of the many reasons we no longer allow people in our home to meet or pick up their puppies. I apologize if this is inconvenient for you, but my family and my dogs are my priority and it's my job to protect them! We will meet at my vets office or a public location at pick up.

Q.) Do you ship your puppies? How much does that cost?

A.) Yes we do ship our puppies. We ship our puppies with a pet nanny. The pet nanny fee is usually around $350 - $500 as an estimate. Prices vary depending where you are in the U.S. A pet nanny is someone who will safely meet the breeder at the airport, and then transports the pet to an airport near the buyer and meets them at the Arrivals terminal. The pet nanny flies with the puppy in the cabin and assures the puppy gets food and water as needed. 

Q.) How long does a Chihuahua live?

A.) Toy breeds live the longest of any size dog. Chihuahuas can live up to 20 years.

Q.) What does my Chihuahua puppy come with?

A.) Your puppy comes with a Two Year Health Guarantee with a signed puppy contract. They also come with a small sample bag of the food they are on, scent blanket that smells like their mom and siblings, toys, vaccination & deworming records. All puppies are examined by a Licensed Veterinarian between 7 - 8 weeks. The records from this appointment will be in their go home folder along with informational sheets on chihuahuas and hypoglycemia. 


All our puppies are handled and loved on every single day. We play with their feet, tail, and ears often to get them used to it. The puppies and their mothers are kept in our living room and den area, so they get used to all the usual household noises like vacuums, crinkling of paper/plastic bags, big dogs barking, T.V., pots and pans , ect. We do our best to expose them to as many sights and sounds as possible while they are growing, so they will be a more well rounded pet and the transition from our home to yours will be as smooth as possible.

Q.) When can my puppy come home?

A.) Most puppies can go home at 9 - 10 weeks, if they are on the tiny side they will need to stay with me and their mother longer. No puppy will leave Lil Treasures before they are 8 weeks old. Puppies must be paid in full by 8 weeks so we have time to arrange shipping with the pet nanny.

More FAQ'S to come!