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Here is a picture of Conor and I at the airport when we first met. It was love at first site. My vet says he is in excellent health. The whole process of dealing with Lil Treasures was effortless. The pet nanny that delivered him was awesome.  I have already referred a friend to Lil Treasures because I have been so happy in every aspect of bringing my new baby home. Oh yes, and he was potty trained to puppy pads on day one! 
                                 Suzette Gustafson
                                Las Vegas, Nevada


Jessica is one of the best breeders to work with! I have two Chihuahuas from her, best personalities ever! You can tell they are socialized well. Love my Max and Carolina

                                      Billie Ragain


Wonderful experience finding my little guy.Jessica is very professional and loves her furry babies so much.

                                     LA Vernon

                                 Augusta, Georgia


Jessica is AMAZING! Very easy to work with and is an awesome breeder. She loves all of her babies the same and takes great care and pride in making sure they are healthy and go to good homes! My sweet husband drove me from Missouri to South Carolina TWICE in two years to get my sweet Ruger and Tito! I highly recommend Lil Treasure!

                                  Michelle Schmidt Freel


Jessica is by far one of the most compassionate, caring breeders out there. My sweet Ryker has been such a blessing. He has the sweetest personality and demeanor and he's quite handsome!! I highly recommend her if you are looking for a sweet pup to add to your home.

                              Michael Shannon Hood

                             Anderson, South Carolina


I recommend Lil Treasures! I have a short hair and a long hair chihuahua I purchased from them. They were loving when they were babies and still have the best personalities. Jessica raises some of the most beautiful chihuahuas I have seen. I highly recommend Lil Treasures! 

                                   Janice Gunnells

                             Anderson, South Carolina

I can only tell in so much space about ALL the wonderful thing about Jessica & her as a breeder. It's her whole family that puts lots of love and time into her gorgeous doggie parents and their babies which I feel makes a big difference in their socializing! I have been there and seen first hand the time, love and countless hours of her beautiful home where healthy, happy puppies are born into the world! Her adult dogs are gorgeous and when she has a litter born, their family begins the process. When she has tiny puppies born she does everything in her power to keep healthy and thriving and her love for all of them shines through because those babies show how much love and care they recieve! She has been there after to check in for support and has been there for myself when my daughter got a pomeranian puppy ( from a different breeder) that was ill and I knew I could count on her expert honest advice! We have two of her beautiful tiny babies and our daughter has a puppy from her as well and knowing Jessica raised them and socialized them (We drive from far away in PA) I have no doubts or worries about where they have come from because we see their mama's and papa's , or about how their early life has been and never worry about their health because of her expertise and her tender manner in which she loves all of her doggies!

You won't regret buying a puppy from Lil Treasures and once you speak with her and receive updated pics and videos of your little one growing and becoming their own will feel reassured that your future "child" had the very best birth and start in life they could possibly have!

For us to be repeat buyers from Jessica and drive to South Carolina speaks volumes and it's a blessing knowing you don't have to worry about subpar breeding or unclean surrounding. The love & support before and after separates her from the other breeders!

                               Scott & Lori Hay

                           Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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